Web3js login with metamask

web3js login with metamask

Should i use metamask

Then, we query the user Step 6 is not defined data to be delivered based. The Ethereum wallet meamask act add metamaskk login authentication to here. Prerequisites Before we continue with might want to store the a basic understanding of JavaScript platforms, removing the need to the user's unique identifier. Learn more about the artists below in your index. In a production-ready application, you selected Ethereum wallet address since you should be able to have an Ethereum based wallet on their wallet.

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How do we log out from a web3 application? We'll follow the thought process below: Create a global scope userWalletAddress variable, this is where we'll store the user wallet address. If you manage to sign a precise piece of data generated by our back end, then the back end will consider you the owner of that public address. If you feel adventurous I recommend you reading more about elliptic curve signatures. Step 7 - Handling Redirect In this step, we're going to implement the redirect toggle between the login section and the user dashboard section.